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Metal Roofs

Metal Roofing Installation & Construction

A metal roof is a lifetime of no headaches, no worries when it comes to wind, rain, and sun on your roof. Metal has staying power and performance that far outpaces a traditional tar shingle roof. Although more costly up front than a shingled roof, metal roofing systems offer problem-free long-term roofing solutions which we’ve now see in action over our more than 30 years of existence as a roofing contractor.

A+ Roofing is your trusted Halifax metal roof installer. We have been working with metal roofs since the beginning and can provide you with recommendations on which product will best fit your home or business. As a metal roof contractor in Nova Scotia, we provide unparalleled workmanship and customer service – just look at our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!

Since 1988, A+ Roofing and Masonry Ltd. has been providing homeowners with peace of mind that their hard-earned dollars were being respected by their roofing company: us.

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We use and recommend:

  • Ideal Roofing – Wakefield Metal Roofing System
  • Scotia Metal – 29 Gauge Majestic Panel System
  • Scotia Metal – 26 Gauge Atlantic Panel System

For anyone interested in maintaining a more traditional shingle-style look, the Wakefield metal roofing system is the way to go!

About Metal Roofs

Metal roofs offer huge advantages in protecting your roof against snow and ice build-up. With a metal roof, there is nowhere for water to backup and sneak into. Unlike shingles, which have a 2 inch coverage (meaning if water backs up more than 2 inches it will find its way inside your home), metal roofs have a 100% coverage where water cannot backup and penetrate your home.

The popularity of metal roofing products has increased dramatically over the past decade. They are favored by our customers for their fire-resistant qualities, expected longevity, and speed of installation. They are also surprisingly lightweight and are great at reflecting heat from the sun. A-Plus offers you full construction and repair services for your metal roof.

Contrary to what some may say, we firmly believe that metal roofs should not be installed over-top of existing shingles. The biggest concern is a build-up of condensation – even on a sunny winter day, you may end up with a house that’s leaking even in the absence of rain or snow — all of this due to condensation building up between the metal and the shingles.

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Customer Testimonials

Recommended by a friend, the website let me upload a photo for a quote (roof replace & chimney take-down). The price was what I was expecting. Bernie came by for an initial look-see. The crew that showed up was efficient, professional, friendly and cleaned up really well. Bernie came by again for a final check. Very pleased with the work, and the overall process.

Bruce M.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia